An Endless Italy Tour

Cious Magazine, Feb 2014

Despited growing competition, Kebun Zibiru remains one of Seminyak’s best dining options and among Bali’s top Italian restaurants.With homey architecture in every corner showing two levels of dining area, you can choose to dine al fresco in the garden amidst lush tropical flora, under the stars of the rooftop lounge or undercover in the haven of the air-conditioned interior.

The French-Italian cuisine background from he Executive Chef Luigi Calcagno is what's keeping the menu fresh with regular specials. With vegetables farmed from the restaurant’s own organic farm, Kebun Zibiru serves only the best taste from Italy though more inventive combinations better showcase the kitchen’s delicate touch and careful sourcing of ingredients.

Kebun Zibiru offers locals and visitors a chance to taste the splendor of Italy’s various regions without having to travel to each. Call it one stop dining, where you can savor the flavors from the north to the south all under one roof. Kebun Zibiru will instantly transport you to Italy.

Zibiru Restaurant

Zibiru is an Italian restaurant in Seminyak, Bali founded by Luigi Calcagno in 2012. Zibiru offers farm to table regional cuisine in a traditional Balinese setting. Dinner 5pm - 12am. Live jazz: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Live opera: Thursday.