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4-Hands Dinner: Italo-Peruano Fusion

  • zibiru restaurant jl drupadi 7 Bali, 80361 Indonesia (map)
Jasri, Indonesia, 2017

A 4-Hands Dinner: Italo-Peruano Fusion with Executive Chefs Luigi Calcagno and Marco Cueva

Peruvian cuisine inherited its innovation, mix and flavors from the country’s multi-cultural history. Its culinary fusion developed over a long process of cultural exchange. Italian cuisine is one of Peru’s major culinary influences and probably least well known. This gave rise to what is popularly known as Italo-Peruano Fusion. 

Executive Chefs Marco Cueva and Luigi Calcagno

Executive Chefs Marco Cueva and Luigi Calcagno

Peruvian chef Marco Cueva’s love of cooking started at a young age, as most chef’s passion for their craft always do. After learning the art of Peruvian cuisine from his mother and graduating from the prestigious Instituto De Los Andes Culinario in Lima, his family bought him his first restaurant. From there, his curiosity and desire to learn about the cuisine of different cultures around the world inspired him to travel and experience working in kitchens in Central and South America before he arrived to Bali. Coming from a twelve year background in hospitality, his focus in Bali has been on launching restaurants like La Favela and Aya Street.

We invite you to join us for one night only at Zibiru, when executive chefs Marco Cueva and Luigi Calcagno will create a special menu inspired by fresh ingredients used in Italy, Bali and his motherland to showcase and introduce Italo-Peruano cuisine to you. These special creations will blend familiar flavors and ingredients from three distinct food cultures, Italian, Peruvian and Balinese, spanning disparate continents, to produce original textures, aromas, and flavours for the palate.

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