Take a culinary tour of Italy's various regions dish by delicious dish.

Sometimes all you need for going out is comfort, great food and drink and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere; in other words, to unwind and enjoy the simple things in life, like unapologetic pleasure and easy-going socializing. Here at Zibiru, we aspire to do just that—manifest a pleasurable and satisfying experience that nourishes all five senses. 


raw & cured 

We cure our own meat and make our own cheese all on site in our kitchen.

Bufala e Crudo Campania
Imported bufallo mozzarella with Italian cured ham.

Tagliere Umbria Umbria
A selection of homemade cured meat served with salted ricotta cheese, and a pot of honey.

Selezione della Valtellina Lombardia
A selection of Italian cheese served with homemade jam, and grilled bread.

Ostriche Java
Fresh Javanese oysters served on ice with lemon.


Soppressa di Polpo Chef Creation
Braised and compressed octopus with mustard orange, fennel purée, and crostini. 

Canederli in Brodo Trentino
Bread, spinach, and cured pork cheek balls with chicken broth, and EVOO.  

Fritturina Campania
Golden fried baby squid and baby prawns.  

Orzo, Gamberi e Porcini Chef Creation
Barley soup served with baby prawns, porcini mushrooms, white wine reduction, thyme, and parsley.

Insalata di Cavoli
Kale salad mixed with homemade pancetta, tomato confit, croutons, and parmesan slices. Topped with a poached egg, lemon and EVOO dressing.


Our fresh pastas are handmade in our kitchen daily. 


Paglia e Fieno al Ragú di Coniglio Emilia Romagna
Yellow and green tagliatelle with slow-cooked rabbit in white sauce, green peas, and mushrooms. Topped with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Tagliolini al Ragu di Quaglia Toscana
Served with white quail ragú, porcini mushrooms, and crispy bacon.

Strozzapreti al Ragu di Coda Lazio
Short pasta with slow-cooked oxtail, and tomato confit.

Tagliatelle al Ragú di Anatra Toscana 
Served with a duck ragú slow-cooked in a rich Italian tomato sauce. Topped with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and a breeze of EVOO.


Fregola ai Frutti di Mare e Asparagi Sardegna
Small, round pebble-shaped semolina pasta served with squid, prawns, clams, asparagus, basil, and EVOO. 

Garganelli, Calamari Piselli e Nudja Chef Creation
Short pasta served with baby squid, green peas, and homemade creamy spicy sausage.

Tagliatelle al Pistacchio e Salmone Chef Creation
Pistachio-flavoured pasta with homemade cured and smoked Tasmanian salmon, white wine, chives, and homemade pistachio sauce.


Tortellini in Brodo Emilia-Romagna 
Filled meat homemade pasta with chicken broth. 

Caramelle Abruzzo 
Candy-shaped pasta filled with ricotta cheese and spinach in a homemade sage butter sauce. Topped with parmesan cheese, poppy seeds, and tomato confit.  

Ravioli di Carne Al Midollo Chef Creation
Fresh plin ravioli filled with minced meat served with bone marrow sauce. Topped with lemon zest, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

riso e pasta secca

Linguine allo Zafferano e Vongole Chef Creation
Dry long pasta served with clams and flavored with Umbrian saffron.

Risotto Cacio e Pepe Veneto
Risotto served from a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese wheel. Topped with pecorino romano and black pepper.



Tonno in Crosta di Pistacchi
Crumbled pistachio crusted tuna fillet served with colatura di alici (essence of anchovies) mayonnaise, grilled asparagus, and frisée salad. 

Lampuga in Crosta di Erbette e Pane
Pan-seared herb and bread-crusted mahi mahi with creamy cauliflower, and a selection of organic baby vegetables.

Salmon fillet served with carrot purée, green peas, potatoes, and fresh mint sauce.

Pan-seared in a broth of capers, black olives, cherry tomatoes, and basil. Served with potato gratin and green beans.


Coniglio in Salmì 
Rabbit legs slow-cooked with brunoise vegetables. Served with gorgonzola-sage creamy polenta.

Slow-cooked beef shank and its marrow with saffron risotto. 

Filetto Di Maiale 
Slow-cooked pork tenderloin served with mustard grain sauce, and grilled red radicchio.

Anatra Confit 
Duck confit with vegetables, fig and red wine sauce.

Da condividere
(serves 2-3 persons)

Juicy slices of 450g Australian black Angus beef tenderloin then pan seared. Served with rucola salad, and slices of parmesan cheese on a Himalayan salt block.

Orecchio d’Elefante
400g US Veal OP rib breaded cutlet served with rucola, and cherry tomatoes.

Su Richiesta
to order 24-hrs in advance (serves 6-8 persons) 

Spalla di Agnello 
Braised lamb shoulder with white wine. Served with mashed potatoes.

Pesce al Sale 
Whole fish baked in a crust of sea salt. Served with grilled vegetables.

Pesce al Sale

Pesce al Sale


We make all our desserts from scratch in the kitchen.

Fondente al Cioccolato 
A rich chocolate sponge cake with a melted center. Served with vanilla ice cream. 

Cannoli Sicilia
Tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough filled with ricotta cream cheese, pistachios, and chocolate.

Baba alla Crema Bavarese
A small rich sponge cake soaked in rum-flavored syrup.

Tris di Mousse al Cioccolato 
A trio of chocolate mouse: dark, white, and milk chocolate.

Layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee with powdered cacao, homemade mascarpone, and homemade biscuits. 

A scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream drowned in authentic Italian espresso coffee.

Sorbetto al Limone 
Homemade lemon sorbet served in a lemon shell.



Trionfo di Verdure Chef Creation
A medley of raw vegetables served with homemade sour cream with herbs.

Pan Cotto Puglia 
Homemade bread twice cooked in homemade Italian tomato sauce and EVOO.

Zuppa del Giorno 
Soup of the day. Please enquire.

Parmigiana Gratin Sicilia
Layers of fried eggplant, mozzarella and Italian tomato sauce topped with parmesan cheese.


Tagliatelle Porcini  Trentino-Veneto
Served with imported premium porcini mushrooms. Sautéed in a white wine reduction. Topped with fresh parsley.

Orecchiette Pomodorino e Dry Ricotta Puglia
Round shaped pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes, dry ricotta cheese and basil.

Fusilli al Pesto Liguria
Corkscrew-shaped pasta with a sauce of fresh crushed basil, pine nuts, EVOO, parmigiano reggiano cheese and garlic. Served traditionally with green beans and cubed potatoes.


Served with caramelized pumpkin and parmesan cheese slices with balsamic dressing, and EVOO.

Rucola salad served with cherry tomatoes, creamy stracciatella cheese, homemade basil pesto sauce, and EVOO.

Quinoa, carrot, zucchini, onions, mint leaves, red onions, lentils, balsamic vinegar, and EVOO.

Mixed tomatoes served with oregano croutons, fresh basil, and EVOO.