Artworks at Zibiru presents BLAU (Works on Canvas)

BLAU (Works on Canvas) by Peter Schmetz
An exploration of internal landscapes through textural and spatial experimentation.


In his debut collection of works, the Artist presents a string of intimate narratives within a highly structured framework. Through his experimental use of resin and acrylic, Schmetz creates a depiction of deep endless blue spaces layered with contrasting angles and linear constructions. Within these irregular spaces, he often places small solitary figures, which regardless of their miniature size in relation to the space seem to encompass and command its physical ‘reality’. The totality of the pieces reflects an overall sense of disorientation; a strong feeling of loneliness merged with bold assurance. Schmetz’s visual narrative questions the individuals’ relationship with its environment and the boundaries, ambiguity and awe that come with being.

Peter Schmetz is a German self taught artist.

Blau (Works on Canvas) was created in Bali, Indonesia. Please contact us for more information.